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Wouldn't nuthen stay on my stomach, looked laL And then
the fever agin, The Indians treated me good. A man couldn't
a-ast more. But the Lord had laid a powerful sickness on me,
and I said, * Willie Proudfit, you gonna die.'

"But no, ain't no man knows what the Lord's done marked
out fer him. And many's the pore, weakid man done looked
on the face of blessedness, hare-eyed, and ne'er knowed hit
by name. Lak a blind man a-liften his face to the sun, and
not knowen. Hit was a blessen the Lord laid on me, and I
praise hit.

" Them Indians seen I was witheren up, lak a tree in the
sun done had the axe at hits root. Because they done called
me brother and give me a name, they done ever thing they
could. They built the medicine house, made a fire thar, and
set me in the medicine house, and tried to take out the evil,
Not jist one day, they was tryen to git the evil out. They set
in thar and some of 'em had their faces all covered up with
masks made outer leather and painted, and they waved eagle
feathers on me to bring out the evil, and sometimes they put
stuff on my head and my feet and my knees and my chist,
stuff they done mixed up, and sometimes corn meal. And
agin they done put pine branches on me, and put stuff on
the fire fer me to breathe; and one thing and ernuther, and
me too nigh gone to keer. And sometimes they done made
pictures outer coloured sand on the floor, and feathers and
beads and sich, and they was singen and hooten, sometimes.
To git out the evil. And they put me in them sweat houses,
little houses not much bigger'n fer a man to lay in, and
covered with dirt and sand, and pictures in coloured sand,
and a curtain outer deerskin fer a door. But hit had to be
skin off'n a deer they done run down and smother with a
man's hand, not shot or cut fer the killen. They put me in
hit, and rocks they done got red hot, and sweated me. And
one night they was dance-en all night hit looked lak, and
singen, naked and painted white, I recollect, and the fires
was burnen big.

"But the fever done had me sometimes, and hit was lak a